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than the Senior's Senior, A. Carlisle B.A. But he
soon dispelled our fears by talking to us, the
Freshmen, collectively of course, and telling us
what untold treats were in store for us (how
we longed for the time when we could talk thus
to new and other Freshmen!) then as his sub-
ject was the "Traditions of the College", he explain-
ed the meaning of "tradition". A tradition, he
said, is filling a pitcher with water, getting out of
your study window on to the balcony above the main
entrance, or handing the pitcher to your friend, al-
ready there, and letting him pour the contents
of the pitcher on the heads of the students sitting
and talking on the doorsteps. That is "a handing
down from one to another", which is a "Tradition".
He said that sometimes the "Tradition" was not
water, but your bedroom and study furniture
compiled in a heterogeneous conglomeration
just inside the bedroom door. When you found

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