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this tradition in your room you had to go and
do likewise. Then Mr. Carlisle changed, because he
told us a story. His face altered visibly, his eyes
burned with just indignation, his voice quiv-
ered with anger and sounded just like a
grown man's, when he told us of someone who
had remarked that he "couldn't send his dog to
Huron College". "Perhaps" said Mr. Carlisle, "you
haven't a temper like mine, for I told him 'No, sir,
neither would we send our dogs to Huron College,
but we send our dogs to Toronto' "!! When Mr.
Carlisle said that, we remembered having seen
Canon Richardson's dog loafing about here
for a day or two seeking admission, then we
saw the Canon sending him away - to Toron-
to, we concluded. Mr. Carlisle then told us Fresh-
men to observe the Rules and Laws of the College
- as the present Seniors do (!)

Other Toasts were drunk and speeches made,

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