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my infant footsteps over rough places, carried
me when I was tired and - boxed my ears
when I was naughty. Then there was my sweet-
heart. I cannot tell you how many there were
of her. I never knew, but no schoolroom
could seat all of her. I don't know which of
her I loved best, but I loved her dearly and
for her I respond tonight. Yet again there are the
"Ladies of the Western University" - gentle crea-
tures, who kindle in my heart a fire, a
fire against which there is no insurance.
Finally comes "My Wife". Don't laugh, It is
true that I have none yet, but in the future,
when I join hands with her at the altar
and proudly call her mine - though now I
don't even know her name or the number of
her shoe - I shall marry her, because I
love her. Whoever she is, tonight I drink
her health". Dear boy, we could all

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