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In the brave days there was bearbaiting and
bullbaiting, but now the student plies a tamer pastime.
That was the way the crowd looked at it on Nov. 23rd,
for they tried every way possible to re-enforce the quietude
of the evening with good old yawps, tom-toms, & sabageties.
The debaters themselves of course might argue the
question, they might talk themselves black in the face,
& then back to white again, proving to you that
debating is'nt as easy as it looks and that you
really have to think hard to get your nouns &
verbs right. Not by way of argument, but just for
illustration, for example so to speak, just to give
you something to think about while they went on
talking, they would enlarge on the mental training
of ping-pong, croquet, even lawn-tennis or cricket
and many other games which concentrate under
a calm exterior no end of strenuosity. But

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