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into a new position and uttered some new and
magic expletive or maybe suddenly Westgate
realized that there were people looking on and
it was no time to quit even if one didn't
feel quite up to the mark, or because McGuffin
stopped puffing at Hughes' stern command,
took a fresh breath and another hold, or
because Quiet Frank and the other Frank
got their feet in and pulled together at a
happy moment, or it might have been all
these things combined, I know not. But after
a long time while perspiration flowed and muscle
stiffened and grit solidified, the centre mark
was seen to tremble then start slowly towards
Shore. Scarcely moving at first 1/8, 1/4, 1 inch
was gained, another and another. The Meds
weakened and the rope went over with a
rush and tremendous cheer and the day
was won.

I might tell of how Miss Hodge won the

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