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The Play.
"The Rivals" has come and gone. No l onger is
Miss Rowat's conversation filled with "a nice
derangment of epitaphs." Miss Bland
ceased to be "as headstrong as an allegory
on the banks of the Nile." Mr. Grant is no
longer in a frenzy and Mr. Westgate's valor
and honor are not mentioned.

Some of the other aspects of the play have
not disappeared so quickly in its wake.
There seems to be a softer light in the
eyes that peer so cautiously into forbidden
Number Six. The library is in even more
constant demand. But why speak of such
things! Are they not an accompaniment to
every amateur theatrical venture? Have they
not been in the past, will they not be in
the future?

The "troop" worked hard during the last
week and Friday evening found them tired

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