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and nervous but happy. Sir Lucius O. Trigger's
seventeenth-day-of-Old-Ireland" accent
might have been brought over from the sod
Sir Anthony Absolute's whiskers were coaxed
to stay on, while David, resplendent in
green velvet coat and vest, white knee
breeches, marvellous Hibernian tie and shoe[s]
with buckles [underlined] on them, made much havoc
in feminine hearts. It was reported that
the sight of his splendor caused him
such bliss that he "swiped" every available
looking-glass from surrounding
rooms, took them to his own, and, after
locking the door, gazed at his manifold
reflection all afternoon.

On Friday evening the Convocation Hall
was packed when the hoop-skirt curtain
finally rose. Everybody did extremely wr[?]
on Friday and still better on Monday
Miss Blend as Lydia Languish was exceeding

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