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good in a character which being not quite
her natural style made her triumph
all the greater. Mr. Cornish won many
laurels. His love-making was good on Friday
but on Monday he surpassed himself.
His ardor and eloquence ought to serve
as a pattern for many divinity students
this coming summer. He was so life-like
that someone's, "Ain't [underlined] she sweet" changed to,
"I hate these plays" and the look of rapture
was changed to one of anxiety.

It goes without saying that Miss Rowat
was splendid. (I hope the Professor of English
will forgive the adjective, but it seems
somehow to fit.) She displayed her versatility
in acting a part so different from
her last year's Madame Moorpiltz, in such
a masterly way that we are afraid she
may some day forsake us and we shall
see her picture in Munsey's with Ada

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