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Rehan and Maude Adams. Last year we found
out that Mr. Grant could act and "The Rivals"
proved him a star. Miss Dearness
tumbled down from her pinnacle of lofty
disdain and coquetted with Sir Lucius in
such a way that her rebukes to the
giddy ones of Number Six will never
more have effect. Mr. Hamilton with his
Captain Joseph Porter K.C.B. Proportions
minimized to the regulation size of soldier
of the Seventh Regiment was very fetching
Mr. Westgate as Bob Acres distinguished
himself. His portrayal of the blustering
cowardly squire, so much exercised about
his honor till the time of the duel, causes
much laughter. We were sorry that Miss
Henderson - Julia- and Mr. Shore-Faulkless
did not appear oftener and have more
scope for the talents that each undoubtedly
possesses. Miss Hodge had very

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