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several people talking at once inside an
empty tank or gas-house. And then he had
to ask them whether Photography, Stage
Scenery, Sewing Machines, Scarcity of Service
Telephones, Ready Made Clothes, Missionary
Organization, Cheap Bibles, Hygenic Dress,
Rational Schools, Sunday Newspapers, Nature
Study and other goods or evil's were sign[s]
of advancing civilization or not. Well,
well, well. So much for feeding on
such hard biscuit as the Essay on
Man. That's what it all comes from
[drawn line]
Have you seen the new edition of "The C[all?]
of the Wild" edited by J. W. McA. Chairman
of the Yell and Snort Committee.
[drawn line]
One of the fifty-seven varieties has at last
arrived. Huron College now has its own
sweet Pickles.

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