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tunate not to see it the third. It simply
could not be surpassed. Sir Anthony fairly
brought down the house with the alarming
extent to which he indulged in cold
tea. Fag jigged around like a school-boy,
taking sly nips at the same beverage.
But it would cover sheets to give you
all the extras introduced on that night
so it is useless to begin.

After the players had assured the audience
that they were all going to live
happy ever afterwards, a few delightful
promenades were enjoyed and a sensible
repast was served. Then came the farewells
and as the cab splashed through
the mud, "Good Night Ladies" was rendered
beautifully by the Sextette - honor
due greatly to Faulkland, tenor. But
why linger over such trifles - all is
over and the famous "Rivals" ahs with-

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