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Breif Account of the Voyage
England to Balaklava

The Screw Steam Azof of Greenock off Greenhithe
Captain Thornhill

Monday October 8th 1855
At 11½ a.m. left the Palace at Sydenham
arrived at London Bridge Shifted on to the
N.K. [North Kent] Line. Still in the Same Carrages Arrived
at Greenhithe about 1 p.m.
Went on board of the S. Steam Ship} Captain Thornhill
Azof of Greenock } C. M. Goldsmith
At 2 p.m.
Tuesday 9th
Laying off Greenthithe Fine Wether &c
Wednesday 10th
Steam Up & Weighed Anchor at 7 a.m. Run in[to]
small craft off Gravesend which broke away our
Main Stay Passed Southend Pier Sheerness & the Nore[ ]
Light [North Foreland Lighthouse?] Fine and Warm - all day with light Br[ ]

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