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the Engins & ordered to go astern which could not be [done?]
as the Engins was out of repaire. the Vessell passed [along?]
side of our & the Captain swore at thears Orders was
given to go a head which could not be done & the
Capt. told me & some more men to go down into th[e]
Engin room & Start the Engin which was done by [the]
Means of a Rope about 9 Men

Friday 19th
Sighted Cape Vincent & Trifalger Bay wether g[ood?]
with a light Breeze & warm at 9.p.m. the Engins
going half Speed all night till Day-light

Saturday 29th 2sd Week
At 5.a.m Entered the Gul[f] of Gibralter the
Spanish Coast on one side & the African on the
outher a Splended View of diffrent Spanish Villages
& the Mountains which is Very High Passed a
French Man of War which we saluted with our
Ensine & we nearly run Into a french Merchant
We had to stop and go astern which was done
to Prevent it Sighted the Rock of Giberalter
11.a.m. Passed a Wreck of a 3 Mast Ship
At ½ 12 p.m. we Anchored in the Bay of
Giberalter at 3 p.m. Sliped our Cable to come
along side of an American Liner to take in
Coals. Taken in Coals, till 3.a.m Sunday 21st
Boms Boats [bumboats] Came along side of us & we Bort
Cigars 12 a penny Tobacco 1/0 per lbs Bread 4d per
Loaf Figs Very Cheap & Diffrent Foreing Fruits
Takeing Sounding going into the Bay the Lead
Struck a Man in the Heard & nearly killed him

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