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Sunday 23rd Easter, Sunday

Very fine day the Sun Shining Splendid
At About 11.A.M. the Very hut seemed to Shake
from which we thorght was an Explosion when
on going out & looking towards Kamisch it was
the fireing of Guns from the Batterys & in less
than 20 minuits from all the battery & Ships in
the Crimea which was like one Continul roar
of Heavy Thunder, at 12 O.clock Genl. Cordrinton [Codrington?] &
Staff passed our Camp & on the french Road
was our R.H. Artillery taking up thear position
for fireing at 1. p.m. 120 rounds was fired &
the diffrent Batterys roaring away & I went to the
Valley of the Tchernaya & Crossed the river &
spoke to the Russians which is a poor, Set of
men the Don Cossack is the same the Horses
is half Starved thear was hundreds of French
English & Russians the river, is the boundry
of the Enemy Dureing the Armistice Came
through the french & Sardian Camp in the
Eavenig rockets was fired at Kamisch & at
Head Quarters & large fires all over the
Crimea & Guns fireing this is for the birth
of the Empress of France & the peace Settled

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