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Monday 24th Easter Monday

Holliday & went through the Redan Malakoff
& went into the Town & went under the
Aqueduct & quarrys & Rifle pits & under the
Second Aqueduct & Righ round the river Tchernaya
The Russians on the Outher side of the river,
the View of the Harbour is a Grand Sight, the
Rocks is Tremendous high & Houses Cut out of
them the Bridge across the River, is Burnt
down which was built of wood the width of
the river hear is 40 to 50 feet over hear is the
Chapel Cut out of the Rock which the Russians
now use. got to Inkeman Valley ascended the
Heigh of Inkerman which Can be seen feet of the
Dead & the Hill Covered with human Bones got to
the Top & had a View of the Races in the
Flat of the Tchernaya which was a Grand Sight
thear was about 120,000 of English, French Sardinian
& all Nations on the outher side was about
2,000 Russians which had a good view of the
Races for the Ground is Higher on the North
bank 2 Russians General was on our [side]

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