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done in the following manner. Eight young trees are cut
down, and stuck in the ground, pieces are spiked on the
top, from end to end and side-ways, this forming a platform.
on this is placed turf, and a huge fire kindled on top of it.
They have a great many of these fires, and the whole
neighbourhood is quite light with them. If you look up
the trees all round you seem a fearful height. The
squirrels feel the heat of the fires, and throw down chestnuts
and beech-nuts, the owls hoot, the hawks scream And so
do the wood-peckers. I mark the fires F in any plan. At
one end there is a long shed 2 or 300 feet. It looks like a
cattle shed. Has no light unless a fire in it. There is a
small door at one end, And into this, Men, women, and
children crowd indis-criminately. They sleep in it on straw
as the meetings generally last a week, or two, sometimes
3 weeks. I have marked the sleeping place G. Of course
besides these places, there are eating stalls, and sheds sent
by shopkeepers &c. Also the parsons, and chief men, bring
cooking stoves, which are placed around. The parsons stand
up and give out hymns, very curious ones, and the vast
concourse of people give mouth swell. This, in the forest has
a very pretty and striking effect. In fact it is almost startling.
Then the parsons exhort in the wildest manner. The picture

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