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is painful, and it takes me so long to write. I am sitting up
now, 'tis two minutes past one o'clock. Tell Cecilia, Kate & Charlie
that they must excuse a letter from me this time, as my finger
will not allow me to write, without causing me a great deal
of pain, the nail is coming off, and proud flesh has made its
appearance, pretty extensively, so you can judge how bad it
has been. Please do not forget to think of me, when you have any
old papers, any will be new to me. Also if a crack book comes
out in a cheap form, think how acceptable it will prove to me,
out here in the bush. I have not seen a bookseller's shop since
I left Toronto, so please think of me sometimes. Please bear in
mind I shall not send another journal, until this time next
month, but as soon as my finger get well enough to make writing
bearable. I will write to Cecilia, Kate & Charlie. Please give my love to
Cecilia, Kate & Charlie. Give them a kiss each, and with them many
many happy New Year's, and be sure, and not forget yourself and
Father, very many happy New Year's to each of you. Also Hammet
& his wife & son. I must now say good night. I am sure you
will all of you excuse this short letter, now you know how
painful 'tis to write, and also bear in mind that two days ago
I could not hold a pen, or I would not have kept you so long
without a letter, and with best & kindest love, and wishing you
all again, a great many happy New Year's. Believe me, My dearest Mother
Your very affectionate son. Jack.
Please thank Uncle Henry, for newspaper he sent me, I am so much obliged
for papers &c.

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