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Extracts from Letters. Norfolk Farm,
Janry 19 1859
My dear mother
I find myself now with a well finger, & therefore able to write
better than when I last attempted. I am not sending you any journal
now, as I have so little to tell you in it, and in all truth I am afraid
when it is a month old, it will contain very little, that is at all inter
-esting, as I am hard at work on the Farm. Now let me thank you
for your and Cecilia's present "Almanac" and "Moore's Melodies". I received
them quite safe and sound, and a splendid budget of newspapers
and had nothing to pay on one of them. They were all looking as good
as if they were just sent down a street from a shop. I am delighted
with the "Almanac" it contains so much information. Moore's music I
was always very partial to. I shall try them over and learn some of
the songs - I hope soon to be able to send you an account of sugar
making. Since last I wrote you, we have had cold weather 20 degrees
below freezing in the house, milk, meal,bread, everything that could
freeze, was frozen. I could not cut a slice of bread for my life, with
-out first putting the loaf down to the fire, for half an hour, but
'tis splendid weather. I do not feel the cold. I am very tired to-night.
I have taken 3 loads of wheat to Strathroye, and shouldered every
sack to and from the waggon. It has been a long and hard day's
work. Three tons, and 1 cwt, on a fellows shoulders twice in one day
is pretty stiff work. I have turned teetotaller. Beer out here costs
more than whisky, brandy, or any spirit. I do not approve of scorching

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