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Islands, the falls of, & neighbourhood of Niagara, and the coasts round
lake Simcoe, Erie, Huron, & Ontario. I have visited and sailed on all
three Lakes, and shot wild ducks on Huron & Erie. Last Christmas
Day, I got within 20 yards of a splendid deer, in the Forest, at the
back of our Farm. I only had a gun in my hand, loaded with
small shot, for Quail shooting, so of course I did not attempt to
fire at him, it would not have gone through his skin, and as
I had not my rifle with me, the fellows life was spared. I
paced his jump or rather his leap, and found it 16 yards
that is the way to bound through a forest, is it not?------
77 Bay's Street, Toronto
I shall not attempt to describe Niagara to you, it would
be time thrown away. Some folks, they say are disappointed
with it, How, I cannot imagine. It far exceeded my expectations
Fancy, Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron & Erie all emptying
themselves through a channel only 36 miles long. The Falls
are about 22 miles from Lake Erie. They are divided by Iris,
or Goal Island. The American Falls are 900 feet wide
by 163 feet high. The Canadian, or Horse Shoe Falls, 2000
feet wide, by 154 feet high. Origin of name of Iroquois extrac-
tion, means "Thunder of waters". And most appropriate is the
name. Over the precipice, the irresistible tide rushes at the
rate of one hundred millions tons of water, every hour. The

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