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Sleep. Browning.
Of all the thoughts of God that are
Borne inward unto souls afar,
Along the psalmists' music deep
Now tell me if there any is
For gift or grace surpassing this
"He giveth His beloved sleep"?

Extract from " The Life of Christ"
by Canon Farrar.
Our Blessed Lord did not mean to
reprobate any amount of work
undertaken in His service, but only
the spirit of fret & fuss - the want of
all repose and calm - the ostentation
of superfluous hospitality - in [doing?]
it; & still more that tendency to
reprobate & interfere with others,
which is so often seen in Christians
who are as anxious as Martha, but
have none of Mary's holy trustfulness
& perfect calm.

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Frederic William Farrar, Anglican Priest