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This Hotel is conducted like All in Europe. The
food very good indeed rooms comfortable.
The Servants at Japanese. This afternoon we
went for a drive in a jinrickisha each little
carrige drawn by a man. who runs at a
fair pace. if the road is hilly a second man
goes to assist. the charge is most moderate.
This afternoon from 3 to 6 we had 3 jinrickisha
with 2 men. The cost was only 2 Mexicon dollars
and 76 yen. The views were dilightful and the
day perfect. We saw a very strange garden
with wonderful chrysanthemums grown
on a single stem & then trained over
a bamboo frame work and made to grow
in a sort of pyramid form in regular
rows. A tall one in the center, and the others
in regular lines below. One had 4 tiers
of blossom and must have been quite 6 feet
across. The stem was not thick & had
to [tether?] a thick piece of bamboo. The effect was
certainly very strange to our eyes and one plant
I counted 7 fine flowers. The whole garden
was covered with a reed curtain or screen
and each plant was hilled up about 18 inches.
In the same garden we saw numbers of the
dwarfed trees so prized by these people.

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