March 26, 1917 pg1




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Mar 26/17

Dear Sis :-
Your welcome epistle
of Feb'y 24th received last night.

Have been looking for a letter
from Oliver and am still looking.

You will not be sentenced to more
than six months if you write twice
and think only once.

Some of my last espistle scratched
out eh. I suppose I shouldn't give
the location of the Kaiser.

The yarn about he sore lip
from overfeeding (you see Sis we are
not particular about our words) will
not go down, Lord only knows we
down some awful things without
making faces. Sore lip from eating too
much - Tell it to Fritz. That
would have been a good encore for
Doc Lang to use, & he sure would not
have spared you.
Bye the way the last time I was in

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