March 26, 1917 pg2




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Granton Doc bet me a new
hat (Christie or any kind at all)
that the war would be over by
'Xmas of that year, but guess he
meant all over - the world.
When four or five girls are gathered
togoether the devil is sure in their

You are having more excitement
in Granton than we are having ever

Take it from me you would all be
bankrupt if another like me was to come
to your fine table supper at 5c per. You
know Sis when out of the line I eat
about 17 times per day.

The gasoline stove works overtime
and at present my mate is frying some
pork chops, ten minutes ago I was
making toast fried in bacon fat. I
eat so many eggs that the shell is
beginning to form.
If you want to hear a choir come
around some night after there has been
a rum issue. This of course means when

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