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was sure grand. Capt. McDonald
was fine. He spoke on the parable
of the Good Samaritan, and referred
to the fellowship of the finest gold
formed in military life, especially
at the front. The 134th band
played several selections. The cinema
holds over a thousand, but is
sure a cold place. We always keep
our great coats on and then we

Last Sunday afternoon I, with
Merill & Everett Molland and Ed.
Balue (a Brantford boy) went to
Godalming. We attended the
Congregational Church in the
evening, and sure heard a good
sermon. I forget the minister's name
but he was and I suppose is
well known in South Africa
for his fight against gambling
especially in Johannesburg. The
choir was slimmer than you
would find in Granton Presbyterian

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