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We could hardly see the butts; let
alone the targets at 400 yards. I was
for the time being in charge of one gun
and shooting party and had enough
work & duties to keep me out of mischief
while there. There is so much work
in cleaning the gun after shooting and
looking after breakages and magazines. While
shooting a Lewis gun is worse than
our old Nixon binder for getting your
goat. You never know what is going
to go wrong with it next. Of course the
greatest part of our training is to teach
us to repair stoppages & breakages in a
few seconds or if a bad case a few minutes.
Of course the British are getting so
many of them now that if the Germans
are crowding hard & a gun kicks up
there is another to take its place while
the others (spare men)[inserted with ^] fix the first one.

I would like to have got away
to Aldershot yesterday afternoon with
Percy Foster & some more to see the
air ships at the Aerodome. I guess
it is worth seeing. England has

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