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some new new aeroplanes that are
then with the goods.

By the way, I received Allans
& your letter today. Allan excelled
himself, wrote a twelve page letter
and a good one. I also received a
letter from June with seven
snapshots taken at your place when
she was up. They are great. There are
two of you people on the swing
bridge; one of you folks backs; one
of Briton after a stick in the creek; one
of June & Dan; one of Alland & outfit
and one of you people on the plow. The
last two are the best pictures. That
plow picture sure is a dandy of you
all, especially Briton. The one of Allan
in the buggy attached to Dan is certainly
I think I mentioned in a precious
letter that I received the snaps of
you & Mother & Mag. they were "Jake".
I also got a letter from Willie

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