Mother's Day card - May 12, 1918




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France, May 12th, 1918. [right column]


MAY the 12th will be Mother's Day, and we do
not want to let it pass without sending our mes-
sage Home [underlined] to our Mothers. "Home", "Mother",
- How beautiful these words sound to us out
here! What memories they recall! We see it
all now [underlined], the daily grind of cooking, washing,
and sewing with the tired eyes at night, and the
big basket of darning still to be done long after
we were sound asleep, and the few spankings
we got in comparison with the many we so richly
deserved; and all the self-denial, worry and
anxiety which we caused you. We could not
see it then, -blind little beggars that we were
- but we see it now in all its sublime beauty
and nobility, and needless to say we are longing
for the time when we can return home to make
amends by giving to you some of the love and
devotion which you so ungrudgingly gave to us.
This is one of our greatest desires, and one which
by God's help we shall be able to fulfil when
the war is won and we come home.

*When the War is Won* we would be a-
shamed to show our faces before that is achieved

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