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- for after all it is really you, our Mothers and
our Homes, for whom we are fighting.

If you could see the suffering and hardships
endured by the brave women and children of
the unhappy land where so many homes have
been ruined, you would not want us to return
until victory has been won.

When the gift of freedom is ours, then we
will come home and lay it reverently at your feet,
for it will be hallowed by the blood of many
comrades. The we shall devote our lives to the
service of our country in the upbuilding of happy
homes and a noble citizenship.

Pray for us, that this high and holy vision may
never fade from our minds, and that we may be
given courage and patience to finish our task.
Then what a glorious home-coming there will be.

Till then, therefore we remain where we are,
fighting for our Mothers and our Homes.

Somewhere in France [left column]

[right column; image-outline of a maple leaf with CANADA YMCA written across it]

PAYBOOK SERIES [left column]
N. 31
Other cards in this series
may be had by leaving your
Regimental Address with
any Canadain Y.M.C.A.

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