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medal, also. Jack is entitled to it; is
a good man in action and also in
the line, and has my heartiest congratulations.
It seems strange that I will soon
have to 'sir' him. Jack was determined
to throw down the proposition (He has
some very democratic ideas which do
not fit in with the Army's ways). He
came to me as we always shared our
troubles and I told him he would be
a fool to turn it down. We needed
officers, and could not hope to reform
the system of the British Army, with its
queer ideas about officers, and other ranks,
and that he knew as well as I that
we the boys wanted officers who had risen from
the ranks and had considerable experience.
I finally persuaded him and before
long he should be lieut. J.A. McNaughton,
and I would be right glad to follow
him in action.
This hospital has sure developed
some since I visited Cliff Hobbs
here. Each ward is like a separate
hut, containing fifty beds and,
needless to say, considering the operations

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