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that have been going on in France the
wards are well filled.
Well Nettie, I often wonder how you
and Charlie are getting along. It is so
long since I heard from home that I have
lost track of events there and believe me,
I look foward to the first bunch of mail
that arrives for me.
You will have your house in
order now, and quite homelike. Home
is one of the finest words in the English
language. Those who have always been
there do not appreciate that fact. Tell
Charlie it is up to him to write a page and
enclose it in one of yout letters. I suppose
fall plowing, threshing, taking up mangolds,
sales, etc, are the order of the day over there.
The fall fairs will soon be over. How
are mother and father keeping and Allan
and Mabel and Norman? How is Jessie getting
along? and how does she like Bryanston?
It is dinner time and I must vamoose.
How is Inez getting along?
With heaps of love and good wishes to you
all. Lovingly your Brother

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