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Thurs. 14th[ left column) [ 1. Anc. Hist & Eng. Comp.] struck out [middle column]
[middle column] 1. Phonetics 1.2 Greek Auth.
[middle column] 3.4 Mod. Hist. (Eur.)
Fri. 15th [left column] 1.2 Lat. Auth. [middle column]
3. Const. Hist [middle column]
Sat. 16th [left column] 1.2 Ital. Auth [middle column]
4. Econcom/Anc. Hist [middle column]
1.2 Eng. Comp. [middle column struck out]
18th [left column] Hist. Phil. [middle column]
Ethics 19th Physics [middle column]

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