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Time table of Exam[?], May, 1903
9.15 to 12.15 [middle column] 2.15 to 5.15 [right column]
Mon. 4th [left column] 1. Trig [middle column]
2. Logic [middle column]
2.3 Hon. Fr. Auth. [middle column]
3.4 Fr. Auth [middle column]
Tues. 5th [left column]
1. Edc. [middle column]
2. Psych [middle column]
3.4 Greek test [middle column]
Wed. 6th [left column]
1.2 Fr. Auth. [middle column]
2. Hon. Fr. Comp. [middle column]
3.4 Fr. Comp. [middle column]
Hebrew [middle column]
1.2 Greek Auth. [right column] [struck out]
3 Ger. Auth (Hon) [right column]
2 Fr. Auth (Hon) [right column
Thurs. 7th [left column]
1.2 Lat. Comp. [middle column]
3.4 Eng. Lit. [middle column]
Fri 8th [left column]
1. Eng. Lit. [middle column]
2. Hon. Ger. Comp. [middle column]
3.4 Ger. Comp. [middle column]
1. Eng. Lit. (Hon.) [right column]
1.2 Greek Comp. [right column]
2.3 Hon. Ger. Auth. [right column]
3.4 Ger. Auth [right column]
Sat. 9th [left column]
1.2 French Comp. [middle column]
2 Med. Hist. [middle column]
3. French (Hon.) [middle column]
3.4 Lat. Comp. [middle column]
1. French (Hon.) [right column]
2. Eng. Lit [right column]
Mon. 11th [left column]
1. Physics 3 Eng. Hon. [middle column]
2. Eng. Lit. Hon. [middle column]
3.4 Lat. Auth. [middle column]
Tues. 12th [ left column]
1. Algebra [middle column]
4. Hist. Phil. [middle column struck out]
3.4 Gree Comp. x [middle column]
Wed. [left column]
1.2 Ger. Comp. [middle column]
3. Physics [middle column struck out]
1.2 Ger. Auth. [right column]

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Not sure I have the lines in the correct order.