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To the Members of the Faculty of Western University
I would like to put before you my position
in regard to the English Literature of the 18 & 19 Cent. which
as you are aware it is necessary for me to pass to
enable me to obtain the B.A. degree.
In the Spring of 1904 in my 3rd yr. I wrote on the
18th Cent Literature, I obtained (if I remember correctly)
26 Marks at this examination. In the fall I returned to
write it again but on account of trouble at home
I had to give up the idea of writing at that particular
time. However I tried this examination on Thanksgiving
day & received 28 marks. At the suggestion of Dr. James
& Dr Tamblyn I engaged a private tutor for an
indefinite length of time.
The work for 1904-05 was the 19th Cent Lit. A attended
Dr. Tamblyn's lectures on the 19th Cent. Literature missing his
lectures at the beginning of the term. In addition to Dr Tamblyn
lectures I spent two hours a week with [Mr?] Ferguson going
over the work of the 18th & 19th Cent Lit thoroughly from beginning
to end. I started with Mr Ferguson in November & continued
with him till May. In addition to this work I wrote
compositions on the understanding that the percentage
I received would be deducted from the necessary 33 at
the Spring examination.
I was told by Dr Tamblyn that it would be
necessary for me to get 29 marks on the 19th Cent Lit in the

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