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10th Dec 1906
A meeting was held this day at 12.45 p.m.

Present The Provost, Prof. Patterson, Alexander, Wallace, Wallen.

The subject of Examinations was discussed &
a tentative time-table adopted. It was decided
that first year lectures would be omitted owing
the Exams, but that as far as possible others would
go on. The Examinations would be of the nature of test papers.

An application from the W.U. Musical & Literary
Society was read asking that students taking part
in a Play be given consideration at the Annual

The Secretary was instructed to reply to the effect
that it it is ouside the powers of the Faculty to give
any consideration for work other than on the possible
course without the permission of the Senate, & they
were not prepared to make any recommendation to
the Senate in regard to this application.

The holding of meetings in lecture rooms, during lecture
hours & at other times & the disturbance made in the
Libary were discussed.
The general opinion seemed to be that no meeting should
held without the express permission of the Provost

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