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[Note: this is a printed form with blank sections filled in by hand]

No. 18

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The herein named Froome Talfourd Indian Supt. for and on behalf of the Kettle Point Indian Band resident of Sarnia [in consideration of] [crossed out] in [pursuance?] of [written above] [payment to be made on the] [crossed out] an arrangement [written above] made in 1859 with the Supt. General [of the sum of] [crossed out] of Indian Dept. -- licensed during the year 1862, as sole OCCUPANT, for the purposes of carrying on fisheries, together with exclusive privileges of fishery, of the FISHING STATION, situate and described as follows, and comprising the necessary Beach and Deep Water limits, and the use of Timber and Fuel, viz:-- The Fishery in front of the Upper and Lower Indian Reserves of Kettle Point and adjoining the Sable River -- running into the Lake 5 miles, bounded by the sidelines of the Reserves [prolonged?] into the Lake on the same courses -- and paralell [parallel] with the [Shore?] at the distance of 5 miles

The present License requires strict conformity to the various provisions of the FISHERY LAWS now (or hereafter) in force, and to all REGULATIONS emanating from the GOVERNOR GENERAL in COUNCIL; in default of such compliance, the same will become void and forfeited forthwith, saving moreover the penalties imposed by Law.

[Andrew?] Russell Assistant Commissioner of Crown Lands Countersigned and dated at Collingwood, this thirteenth day of April 1862. Wm Gibbard Fishery Officer

STATEMENT QUANTITY AND KINDS OF FISH TAKEN UPON THE ABOVE STATION. Description of Fish. / Quantity Fresh. / Quantity Pickled. / Value Fresh. / Value Pickled.

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[Note: printed address form, with specific information written in by hand]

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Station Kettle Point Indian Reserves Name Froome Talfourd Indian Supt License Fee $ [crossed out] Payments [crossed out]

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Indian Department Quebec 12th May 1862


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 8th instant and to inform you in reply that there can be no reasonable objection to [confirm?] the desire of the Sarnia Band to increase the salary of their School Teacher, Miss Adams, but the actual written decision of the Indian Council should be sent down.

I have the honor to be Sir Your obedient Servant Wm Spragge Deputy Supt. of [Indian?] Affairs

Froome Talfourd Esq. [V.S.I.A.?] Per John S. [Thornton?] Esqr. Sarnia

[At???] Copy D.B. Wawanosh [N.C.?]

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enables the Department, with perfect safety to control timber cut without License on any Reserve, whether by Indians or others. [And on no [pretext?] whatever must [even?] a single tree, be allowed to be sold, unless. Cut under License] [this bracketed section all underlined]

You must impress forcibly upon the Indians under your charge, that the Timber, is a property, the right to sell which (for their own benefit) was neither their Grandfathers, nor theirs, nor their children, but whenever sold, must be made rthe means, as their land when it is sold, of yeilding a permanent [Fund?] for the support. Education, and advancement of [them?] and their people for all time to come.

[No?] Timber, Staves, Saw Logs, Cord wood or Lath wood, or wood [manufactured?] for other uses, to be cut Except under your license, and will be subject to seizure & forfeiture, if [removed?] or attempted to be [removed?], without [first?] the payment of the dues -- And no permit is to be granted, until the Timber or Wood, as the case may be has been accurately measured, and the dues paid--

You will understand that you will be held personally responsible for the payment of these dues, and you are required to keep a careful record of this

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timber business, keeping the usual books of account, [transmitting?] [with?] your monthly land [returns?], a statement of moneys [monies] received on account of timber dues during] the month -- So that the different bands may receive credit for the [sums?] realized which will, be [invested?] for their benefit in the same manner as moneys [monies]received on account [of?] Land. payments

You will make the Indians understand that these regulations are not intended, to prevent them from using all the timber they require for [firing?] or building [purposes?] or [fencing?] -- but as for years past quantities of timber has been sold [on?] different Reserves. and Cord wood of the [best?] kind cut [through?] all parts, without any attempt at clearing land. It became necessary for the Government to interfere to prevent, that property which [should?] be made a benefit to the Indians for future times from being all [squandered?] away in a few years --

Should any of the Indians disregard these regulations, laid [down?] by the Government for the general good, you will please to [intimate?] to them that such conduct may necessitate the stoppage of their individual half yearly payments, a mode of punishment to which the Department will be most unwilling to [resort?]

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Sales of [inserted above] Timber to a great extent are [repeported?] to have been made on the Reserve at [Carradoc?] [Caradoc] You will therefore ascertain as correctly as possible the quantity and value of the Timber and staves plundered, and the parties Indians or others, who have been guilty of this act of wrong doing --

The [amount?] of profit made by any Indian out of such unlawful transactions should be taken from the monies payable to him carrying the amounts stopped to the general funds of the band -- Thus giving to [their?] permanent funds the benefit of all timber whether cut lawfully or unlawfully

I have the honor to be [Sir?] Your Obedient Servant [Signed?] Wm Spragge -- D S [I?] A [underlined]

Dues payable by Sarnia Indians for timber cut on License on their Reserves

Oak timber per thousand feet $25.00 [West?] India Staves " 2 Pipe " " 6.50 Soft Wood per Cord ".10 [followed by a curly bracket on the right side of this line and the following line, indicating the following comment applies to both lines] If cut on their own [Lots?] Hard " " " ".15

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Greenwood Franklin Co [County] [Kansas?] Friday Jan 30th 1863.

Joshua [Wevanosh?] [Wawanosh] Dear brother in law

Your letter of Jan. 12th was received last Monday the 26th, and I was very glad to hear from you and to receive you letter. I and my family are all well of which I am glad, and [so?] are all my sons and daughters and the people around her. [Penes waw gum?], my sisters son is quite well again; since he lost his wife he stays with Edward McCoones his cousin. But his little child is [unwell?] a good deal, it frets after its mother.

Tell [Joset?] my sister that her son [Penes waw gwum?] cannot get any money to go and see his mother. We bave had no annuities for near four years ; if he had the money he would go at once, or if he gets it he will go at once. The reason [we?] have not drawn payment is because of the bad agents we have had We have now a new one, he has not yet moved to the agency and I have not yet seen him but am told he is a perfectly good man and honest and will do things right.

The Superintendant [under?] the [former?] administration put our money out on interest in Kansas, bu we never

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but we never drew any interest. The agents and superintendant promised it [to us?] time after time but it never came. Our present superintendant and agent will, we think, try to find out what has been done with that interest and arrange matters properly, and get the whole of the money due us.

To Jacob [?azi?] :

My dear father :

I was very glad to hear from you and thankful that you are still spared. I never forget you since you traveled with me so much over the country. When we made the treaty I remembered you, and gave you and my mother each forty acres of land. Every individual here, large and small old and young drew the same. Your land has good timber on it, but it cannot be sold to any white man only to one of our own number There are some who would like to have the land, but they have no money to buy it, but when we get payment some one may buy it and I will then send you the money. The reason we have not yet drawn any money you will see from what I wrote in another part

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of this letter. And this is also the reason you have not received any money. So soon as we get payment you will get money, and continue to draw with us so long as you live. You wil also draw once, this coming payment, for my mother, but [then?] no more for her. We would be very glad if you would come and see us and stay several months you [might?] then see to your land to suit yourself ; and also all my children still remember you and would be glad to see you. [We?] would do the best for you that we could, to show you kindness. Father you are old now like myself and coming nearer the grave, but you must not be afraid to travel now There is no danger on the road here, all is quiet so that you can come to see us. All is quiet about [here] [crossed out] us [written above]. One of my son-in-laws after [corn?]- planting in spring went to Wisconsin and came home a few days ago, and there was no danger at all anywhere on the road. [So- kee-po?] my nephew can come with [you if you want to come] [written above] [Wenosh?] must help me get [So keepo?] to com [come] and bring [with him?] [written above] what medicine he has. If he comes he can go from Detroit to [Juliot?] [Joliet?], then to Quincy, then to St. Joseph, from there to

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Leavenworth, then to Lawrence and from there to [Sac?] & [Fox?] Agency, or to Old agency. [Tell?] [Pepegwa?]. You asked me about your children. Since I have met with misfortune I have not been to see them. Two years ago your oldest son, Jim, was here to see me. Since, I have heard through my son Edward, who was there to visit him over a year ago, that he was still well and his wife too, only that his two oldest children died, and he has his one remaining yet, the youngest. Your children whom you left among the Kickapoos I know nothing of but by writing to your oldest son Jim you can find out all [or?] most about them, how many are still living and how they get on. He may know more about them as he lives near by. His post office is, [St. Mary Mission, Pottowatomi nation, Kansas.] [all underlined]

If [Sokepoo?] will not come, Thomas [Wewanosh?] must come. One kind of medicine I want. Thos [Bigknife?] knows it. It is called. [Cha-che-chaw-pu-kuk?]. Of this I want a great deal. Francis McCoones [McCoonse] [?istesoon?] or [Esh tonquit]

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