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Sac & Fox Agency Feb. 1st / 61

To my Dear Brotherinlaw Joshua Wawanosh

Sir I take this opportunity to send a few lines to you hoping that this letter will find you all well and doing well. I was exceedingly happy when I received a letter from my sister [Josait?} and also to hear that you was yet all well. But as to myself, I am yet on my sick bed, occasioned from a hurt that I received in Dec. [underlined] 1859. I am perfectly helpless, cannot stand up, nor sit up more than two or three minutes at a time. I do not ever expect to get up again so as to be able to go about. Dear Brother could you not be abl [able] to come out and see me before I die If you cannot come yourself, try and persuad [persuade] some one of my nephews to come out and see me, for I long to see some one of you as I feel lonely since my daughters death. [Pa maun quit o qua?]. [image: handwritten arrow pointing to the right] Mr. Turner [underlined] wife she died on 17 of Jan. 1861.

But otherwise we are


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are all well. you will tell sister [Sosait?] that her son [Pe nael wah quah um?], is well, but will get drunk now and then I have nothing more to say at present so no more

I shake hands with you all

Francis McCoonse

To Joshua Wawanosh

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[Note: this is a printed form with blank sections filled in by hand]

No. 18

[image: printed crest of Great Britain with lion and unicorn]




The herein named Froome Talfourd Indian Supt. for and on behalf of the Kettle Point Indian Band resident of Sarnia [in consideration of] [crossed out] in [pursuance?] of [written above] [payment to be made on the] [crossed out] an arrangement [written above] made in 1859 with the Supt. General [of the sum of] [crossed out] of Indian Dept. -- licensed during the year 1862, as sole OCCUPANT, for the purposes of carrying on fisheries, together with exclusive privileges of fishery, of the FISHING STATION, situate and described as follows, and comprising the necessary Beach and Deep Water limits, and the use of Timber and Fuel, viz:-- The Fishery in front of the Upper and Lower Indian Reserves of Kettle Point and adjoining the Sable River -- running into the Lake 5 miles, bounded by the sidelines of the Reserves [prolonged?] into the Lake on the same courses -- and paralell [parallel] with the [Shore?] at the distance of 5 miles

The present License requires strict conformity to the various provisions of the FISHERY LAWS now (or hereafter) in force, and to all REGULATIONS emanating from the GOVERNOR GENERAL in COUNCIL; in default of such compliance, the same will become void and forfeited forthwith, saving moreover the penalties imposed by Law.

[Andrew?] Russell Assistant Commissioner of Crown Lands Countersigned and dated at Collingwood, this thirteenth day of April 1862. Wm Gibbard Fishery Officer

STATEMENT QUANTITY AND KINDS OF FISH TAKEN UPON THE ABOVE STATION. Description of Fish. / Quantity Fresh. / Quantity Pickled. / Value Fresh. / Value Pickled.

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[Note: printed address form, with specific information written in by hand]

[image: printed crest of Great Britain with lion and unicorn]


Station Kettle Point Indian Reserves Name Froome Talfourd Indian Supt License Fee $ [crossed out] Payments [crossed out]

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Indian Department Quebec 12th May 1862


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 8th instant and to inform you in reply that there can be no reasonable objection to [confirm?] the desire of the Sarnia Band to increase the salary of their School Teacher, Miss Adams, but the actual written decision of the Indian Council should be sent down.

I have the honor to be Sir Your obedient Servant Wm Spragge Deputy Supt. of [Indian?] Affairs

Froome Talfourd Esq. [V.S.I.A.?] Per John S. [Thornton?] Esqr. Sarnia

[At???] Copy D.B. Wawanosh [N.C.?]

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by the first of June but you have delayed me very near month the petition aughto [ought to] enter the indian department the first sure cause [because] Coungress [Congress] will be through by June for some time now so [please?] get through as soon as you can

if I hade [had] money I would come my self [myself] as I am just like the rest of the Indians I have not got [nuf?] [enough?] money to spar [spare?] mony [money] is very scarce just now

now I have told you all

please send the petition as soon as you can

your [yours] truly

John Wawagon

Saugatuck Mich

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To the [Hon.?] Commissioner of Indian Affairs -- Washington, D.C.

We the undersigned Pottawatamie Indians now residing in the State of Mich [Michigan], and descendents [descendants] of the Indian chief [Tonquish?], do hereby respectfully petition to you to take the necessary steps, and to do whatever [may?] be necessary in the matter to secure to them, said descendants of said Pottawatamie = Chief, and Indians of the Pottawatamie nation of Indians under articles of treaty made and concluded November 17th [A.?]D. 1807 and found on page 192 of the revision and [compiclation?] [compilation?] of all the treaties between the United States and the Indian[s] [crossed out] tribes in the year A.D. 1873. We the undersigned claim that we are entitled as such descendants of said [Tonquish?] and of said Pottawatamie[s?] [crossed out] tribe of Indians the annuity of four hundred dollars forever as provided by the latter part of Article two of said treaty first above reffered [referred] to,

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and that we have by treaty with the United States and Pottawatamie Indians made September 19th [A.?] D. 1827, an interest and equity in the lands reserved for the use of the Pottawatamie tribe of Indians as described on page 675 of the revision and compilation of treaties above refered [referred] to, commencing at [time?] [crossed out] line 30169, and ending at line 30191.

Dated March 22nd 1900,

Witnesses [left column]

William Sha Sha [gwa?] [Wm?] Cowtuckmuck J M [Goriden?] -- Mary Green her mark X Mrs D.B.W.

Signers [right column]

John [Wawogon?] Nancy[?gns?] Alex his Pokagon X mark Soloman James -- X Ku mah we. X [Becca?] [Shaa Trah?]

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INDIAN AGENT'S OFFICE, [printed by printing press]

Chippewa Hill Nov 23rd 1915


Adam [M.?] [Kiyoshk?] Esq [Esquire] Amherstburg Ont

Dear Sir

receved [received] yours of Nov 19th and can inform you that Mrs Arthur [Kiyoshk?] receved [received] the suit-case and Sailors bag that you [expressed?] to her and I am somewhat surprised that she did not inform you that she receved [received] them but I think that sometimes she forgets as she felt so bad but I think after a while she will be glad if you can come and visit her for a while it will pass the time for both of you I am sure you must have got a great shock and I do not wonder as it was a shock to myself poor fellow I will be glad to see you and get more particulars about him

with kindest regards to you I remain your truly

T.A Stout Indian Agent Chippawa Hill Ont

P. S I am going over to see chief and tell him that you [were?] [inquiring?] about him

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Washington D.C. February 2 1916 Mrs. Julia Sand Sarnia, Ontario

My friend:

how is every body at Sarnia reserv, especially Mrs. Gray. I am enclosing a copy of a bill introduced in Congress that you may be interested in I am well hope this letter will find you the Same. Mrs. Sand let me hear from [this?] is all you from yours Joseph Bradley the new Capital Hotel 3rd St [Penn?] [Pennysylvania?] Avenue B St N.W. Washington D.C.

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