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enables the Department, with perfect safety
to control timber cut without License
on any Reserve, whether by Indians or
others. [And on no [pretext?] whatever
must [even?] a single tree, be allowed
to be sold, unless. Cut under License] [this bracketed section all underlined]

You must impress forcibly upon
the Indians under your charge, that
the Timber, is a property, the right to sell
which (for their own benefit) was neither
their Grandfathers, nor theirs, nor their
children, but whenever sold, must be
made rthe means, as their land when
it is sold, of yeilding a permanent [Fund?]
for the support. Education, and advancement
of [them?] and their people for all time
to come.

[No?] Timber, Staves, Saw Logs,
Cord wood or Lath wood, or wood [manufactured?]
for other uses, to be cut Except under
your license, and will be subject to
seizure & forfeiture, if [removed?] or
attempted to be [removed?], without [first?]
the payment of the dues -- And no
permit is to be granted, until the
Timber or Wood, as the case may be
has been accurately measured, and
the dues paid--

You will understand that
you will be held personally responsible for
the payment of these dues, and you are
required to keep a careful record of this

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