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Greenwood Franklin Co [County] [Kansas?]
Friday Jan 30th 1863.

Joshua [Wevanosh?] [Wawanosh]
Dear brother in law

Your letter of Jan. 12th was
received last Monday the 26th, and I
was very glad to hear from you and to
receive you letter. I and my family
are all well of which I am glad, and [so?]
are all my sons and daughters and the
people around her. [Penes waw gum?], my
sisters son is quite well again; since he
lost his wife he stays with Edward McCoones
his cousin. But his little child is [unwell?]
a good deal, it frets after its mother.

Tell [Joset?] my sister that her son
[Penes waw gwum?] cannot get any money
to go and see his mother. We bave had no
annuities for near four years ; if he had
the money he would go at once, or if he
gets it he will go at once. The reason [we?]
have not drawn payment is because of
the bad agents we have had We have now
a new one, he has not yet moved to the
agency and I have not yet seen him
but am told he is a perfectly good man
and honest and will do things right.

The Superintendant [under?] the [former?]
administration put our money out
on interest in Kansas, bu we never

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