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Copy [double underlined]

Port [Sarnia?] 17th February [1838?]. [1858?]


I have considered the answers of the Supt. General
to the questions put to you by me regarding my
position, location & what advantages would be entitled
me by accepting the offer empowered by the act of
last session, and being dissatisfied on some points
of the evident intention of the Department it
becomes necessary to write you again on the

1st. I am perfectly satisfied with the assurance
of the Department that I would be entittled [entitled] to the
Capital of my share of the Annuity, and of the
yearly interest arrising [arising] from the land sales, also
the additional annual payment of $300. secured
to me by the provisional Agreement at the time
of the late surrender.

2nd [But?] I am dissatisfied to perceive that the Dept.
is unwilling that I should have that portion of
the reserve which I occupy secured to me
permanently on account as I suppose that you think
I would be on [in] the way of the whites in extending their Town
southward. It may not be amiss to tell you at
once that I have no desire to retard the progress
of the Town in any way whatever but rather have an [interest?]
in it. Still I want to retain my lot [but] [crossed out] and [written above] have [it] [crossed out] my [written above]
rights secured in such a way that I would have full
power to comply with the demands of it when it is
actually required and this I am fully convinced
would satisfy all parties. And as to my band
they are perfectly willing that this lot apportioned to
me should be secured (to me) providing I do not
get anymore land after that is done or [settlled] [settled], being born
& raised here on the spot I do not see why the
the Government should be [so] [crossed out] indifferent to my
[intelligible crossed out word: past? &] undisputed claims & rights.

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The date is most likely 1858, as David Wawanosh was Chief at that time: his father Joseph was Chief in 1838