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Copy [double underlined]

[Port?] Sarnia 29th March 1858-

Dear Sir

We the Chiefs and [youngmen?] of the Chippeways
residing on the St Clair [Mission?] have assembled in full
Council on the 10th [rilt?] [in?] which we have[unanimously?]
agreed to petition to the Conference for a change in our
[Mission?]. Our present beloved Pastor the Revd S Waldron who
has been very useful amongst us in times past is now
somewhat [advanced?] in years. We are desirous of having
a younger man, and one of active powers and influence
to reside among us, we therefore humbly ask that the subject
may be taken [thereon as may be deemed most for the advancement] [all crossed out]
into consideration at the next Meeting of the annual
Conference and such action taken thereon as may be
deemed most for the [advancement?] of the spiritual
edification of our people. Should our petition be favorably
entertained by that body. We [earnestly?] request that the
Revd William [Scott?], be sent to this [Mission?] and depend
upon, he would be very agreeable to us all.

And we have no hesitation in expressing opinion
that if Mr Scott is sent again among the Indians he
would be of great service, and would be the most suitable
person to defend the Indians of this County at large &
may by his instrumentality obtain facilities for improvement
in our present condition, and we hope the Great Men of
your Conference will see the propriety and necessity
of restoring him to the Indian work.

We are Revd Sir

Your Indian Brothers

Signed in [on] behalf of the Council

David B. Wawanosh [Head?] Chief
Joshua Wawanosh Chief [image: 2 horizontal parallel lines ending in arcs at the right ends, with 2 vertical lines sticking out, top and bottom]
William [Pamahsong?] -- -- " [image: circle with 2 short vertical lines on bottom and half circle on right end]
Andrew [Nageeshig?] " [image: 2 horizontal parallel lines ending in arcs at the right ends, with 2 vertical lines sticking out midway, top and bottom]
George [Aishguagonaby?] " [image: long horizontal oval with 4 short lines on each side, with a short oval at the left end (a beaver?)]
I. [Penaeewahquahem?] " [image: circle marked with a +, with 5 short lines sticking out around it and a small circle on the right side (a turtle?)]

The Revd E. Wood
President of Canada Conference
& General Supt of [Indn?] [Missions?]
[? ? ?]
Toronto [C.?] W.

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The ditto mark " (or abbreviation Do or do) is a sign indicating that the words or figures above it are to be repeated