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[stamp: March 16, 1913]

406 H Street, N. W.
Washington, D. C.,
March 14th, 1913.


MAR 15 1913

His Excellency,
Prest. Woodrow Wilson,
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. President:

I enclose you an article written by me prior to your inaugu-
ration, to which I have given no publicity. After carefully read-
ing your inaugural address I hope I am not violating any rules of
propriety in submitting this paper to you.

I don't know what consideration you are going to give the
Colored Citizens, who actively supported you, and the cause of
Democracy generally, but somehow I have full faith and confidence
that we will have nothing to regret for the course we have pursued.

My politics stand next to my religion and I have been very
conscientious in the stand that I have taken and am willing to
stand or fall on my past record.

The enclosed copy of my letter of congratulation will remind
you that you have heard from me before.

I am a graduate of the Hampton Normal and Agricultural In-
stitute--have taught in the public schools of Virginia for twenty-
five years and have won the respect and confidence of the best
white friends of the State.

Should this communication be worthy of your consideration
a line from you will gladden the heart of

Yours most respectfully,
Wm. P. Morten


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