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call upon the PRESS to desist from magnifying our
Faults and minimizing our Virtues and Talents, but
to help us in our struggles in creating a favorable
public sentiment and thereby reflect CREDIT upon
our Government.


4. Civilized mankind throughout christendom should
regardless of CREED or COLOR. Our Constitutional
Laws and Amendments aim at that mutual relation-
ship by which all citizens of the United States are
equal before the LAW. But is is an OPEN SECRET
that the colored constituents of the Government are
denied their full Constitutional Rights. The Amer-
ican people could no better perpetuate the name and
memory of Theodore Roosvelt than by adopting in
practice the principles he advocated in these memora-
ble words: ALL MEN UP and NO MAN DOWN.
The lofty idealism in principle and practice would
STRENGTHEN our Nation or any other Nation, be-
cause an axiom shows that the WHOLE is made of
its PARTS, and an adage declares that "The strong-
est chain is no stronger than its weakest link." It is
the imperative duty of the United States Government
to CORRECT first its OWN civic RACIAL INJUS-
TICE at home so that the familiar aphorism, "Phy-
sician Heal Thyself," may not be a justly applicable
retort by other Nations whom this Government may
reprove. Why? Because the Bible says, "First cast
out the BEAM out of thy own eye; and then shalt
thou see clearly to cast out the MOTE from thy
brother's eye," Matt. VII. 5.


5. If we peep at Nature and be reasonable, we shall
ask, "What has COLOR to do with RIGHT and JUS-
TICE?" The canopy is teeming with myriads of differ-
ent luminous stars and mighty constellations. If we look
around us in our little world, we shall see that each
of these kingdoms of Nature possesses illimitable

The botanist tells us that of the myriads and
countless leaves which bedeck the bosom of the forest,
there are no two alike. A similar degree of diversity
is revealed in the mineral kingdom. Each mineral
substance has its atomic relevance. Look, if you may,
through the microscope at the variegated species of
germs and other animalcules! What an amazing
variety they present! How they differ in size, color,
contour and structure! What has their color to do
with their uses? Does the color itself diminish
or enhance the value of the horse or other dumb
animal? No! Why should color and sex then play
such an important role among mankind? The anatom-
ist tells us that below the skin or epidermis mankind
is structurally the same, without any trace of differ-
ence whatever. As each finger of the hand contributes
its part to the beauty and efficiency of the hand, and
as the blending of the numerous colors of the RAIN-
BOW (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and
violet) produces the tints and splendor of the beau-
tiful natural spectrum, so the variety of shade and
color in the human family simply display God's
boundless wisdom in the uniform variation which is
found and seen in the three kingdoms of Nature.
Should sex and color be a barrier to JUSTICE?
Fitness should be the only criterion for discrimina-
tion in every Christian country. INJUSTICE should
never exist on the sole reason of color, because 'Variety
is the spice of life,' and the variety of race and color
in the human family is necessary to produce the
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6. Inasmuch as SCIENCE and mortal POWER have
no control over wind and wave, thunder and light-
ning, and as mankind will always remain at the mercy
of the ELEMENTS, which Jehovah can employ at His
pleasure, in scourges from epidemics, tornadoes, rail-
road wrecks, disasters at sea, wars and other thrilling
national calamities, then let those in authority estab-
lish JUSTICE and DEMOCRACY on terms of the
GOLDEN RULE which cannot be onesided. For no
pretentious JUSTICE, however schemingly or skil-
fully executed, will stand the test of Jehovah's scru-
tiny. RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE in accordance with
Divine approbation is the ONLY JUSTICE upon
which the security of national or international democ-

Therefore, our REFORM should be in practice with
this CREED: "We believe in ONE GOD, the Al-
mighty, and in the GOLDEN RULE. As every EVIL
committed against mankind has its penalty, which
Jehovah can impose in Retributive Justice, let us
view this TRUTH in the Right of reason, and do
unto others as we would have others do unto us.
This notable injunction of Christ has no EVIL
aftermath. Let us shun VICE in all its forms and
practice thrift, candor and the virtue of TRUTH.
We should adore our father's GOD, and rejoice
that we are citizens of one flag and country, sisters
and brothers of all, children of ONE CREATION who
rules over all His creatures. Let us do good unto
all men as we have opportunity. Oh! Flag of
TRUTH, we love thee! Oh! Emblem of Justice,
we honor thee! May the FLAG OF EQUITY float
over us in the breeze of Time! We will then un-
derstand that the portion of our Lord's prayer which
says: "Thy kingdom come, thy WILL be done on
earth as it is done in the Heavens." For a special
purpose, our League's monogram displays the flags
and emblems of America and England from the
same pedestal. These two great English-speaking
countries should vie with each other in friendly
rivalry, not in the construction of mighty dread-
noughts and formidable armaments of war, but in
the UPLIFT of mankind, especially the down-trod-
den and oppressed Ethiopian Race, for our Lord
said, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the
least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto
ME," Matt. XXV. 40. Amen.


7. As it is the DUY of every good Government to
make it easy for its citizens to do RIGHT, but
difficult for them to do WRONG, we hereby URGE the
Federal Government to diligently and favorably con-
sider what we desire the Government to do according
to the following articles:

Article I.
14th Constitutional Amendment.

That the Federal Government will enforce in every
State the provisions of the 14th Amendment, which
says: "No State shall make or enforce any law which
shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens
of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any

Sec. 2. Whenever any citizen shall lose his or her
life in any State even by mob contrary to this 14th
Amendment, if the officers of the said State fail
to arrest of indite such violators of the 14th Amend-
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ment and bring them to trial within ten days, a Federal
Investigation shall be ordered and conducted by Federal
Officers, and the state officers of the Law shall be held
responsible for derelection of duty and incompetence
by which a Federal Amendment has been violated. The
Federal Officers who conduct the investigation shall
have colored detectives to assist in getting the proper
evidence for the arrest and trial of the offending party
or parties, in any Federal Court of that State in which
the crime was committed.

Sec. 3. That the Federal Court shall assume juris-
diction over any and all offenses originating in any
State when colored citizens are driven from their
homes by threats of mob violence; and compensation
be made to those unfortunate citizens who must, in
order to save their lives, comply and flee from their
homes, unless such offenders are arrested, tried and
be made to compensate the citizen who was forced
to lose time to flee from home through threat and

Sec. 4. That the State be made to compensate any
citizen of the United States whose property shall be
destroyed by fire started by mobs or otherwise injured
unless the culprits are arrested and imprisoned by
officers of the State for violating the Federal Amend-

Article II.

But whether or not such offending party or parties
shall be arrested by State or Federal Officers of the
Law and tried, in every case of murder known as
LYNCHED, the dependent surviving heirs or relatives
of the murdered citizen shall be compensated by the
State, in which the murder occurred, either by a pen-
sion or cash payment, to be levied by the Home Sec-
retary of State.

Article III.
Abolition of Obnoxious Segregation Ordinances.

The Colored Race appreciates the justice of the re-
cent United States Court decision declaring "Uncon-
stitutional" the obnoxious Segregation Ordinances in
various cities of the South. But the 15th Amendment
is still grossly violated in many Southern States at the
polls and also by illegal restriction compelling col-
ored persons to ride in Jimcrow Cars or be put off
the cars becuase of their color for which no one is

Sect. 2. Inasmuch as no State Law should conflict
or over-ride the Federal Law or Constitutional Amend-
ments, legal suits in the United States Court for
its laws to remain in force contrary to the recent
United States Court Decision, and thereby forceably
mover or cause conductors on public carriers to re-
move or eject from cars passengers who refuse to com-
ply with local State Segregation laws. And that all
scheming politicians shall be liable to arrest, and
trial also for damage suits in the Federal Courts in
any State where the provisions of the 15th Amend-
ment are violated.

Article IV.
Home Secretary of State.

That the Federal Government shall create a Depart-
ment for a HOME Secretary of States, whose duty
shall be to call any state to account and levy the Com-
pensation Fines in which occurs the violation in any
manner of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments
complained of under these articles.
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Article V.
(Civil Rights Bill)

We urge the re-enactment and enforcement of the
National Civil Rights Bill, granting us all the privi-
leges belonging to citizens of the United States. Be-
cause the Supreme Court of the United States did not
declare the Civil Rights Bill "unconstitutional," but
decided it "null and void" for the lack of the following
words: "The Congress shall have power to enforce, by
appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article."

Article VI.

As it is the DUTY of every good government to
produce worthy citizens; and as EDUCATION is the
most essential need toward good citizenship, we urge
the Federal Educational Department NOT to leave the
education of United States citizens absolutely to the
mercy of the States, but to assist in supplying the
needed FUNDS as supplement to the State Educational
fundsl, so that where colored elementary schools are
allowed much shorter duration each term than the
white schools in the same state or section of a State,
the colored schools would receive Federal Aid to en-
able them to continue for the full term like those of
the white children.

Sec. 2. We desire for colored children an equally
liberal elementary education, and High School facili-
ties similar to those offered to white children and
students, inasmuch as the colored population pay pro
rata tax assessments.

Sec. 3. The cheme for shortening the colored chil-
dren's school term in various sections of many States
has for its purpose the retention of the colored race in
ignorance; but, as the WHOLE is made of its parts,
laccording to a geometrical axiom, the Nation as a
whole cannot be stronger than its weakes links. There-
fore, no portion of the population should be kept in
ignorance. The Romanoffs came to their tragic end
by scheming to keep the Russian masses in ignorance
so that siad masses were more easily ruled. Their re-
volting martyrdom was the price received for the
unjust practice. As history usually repeats itself,
state-craft schemers should beware. The Federal Gov-
ernment should help to regulate the educational needs
of its citizens.

Article VII.
(Educational Tax.)

The National Government should levy a National
Tax for the support and upkeep of the Educational
Department in connection with it.

" "Tis education's potent arm that shields us from
oppressors harm;
That guides our feet in freedom's way, and
fabrics rear that ne'er decay;
Then let us all, with one accord, unite our hearts
to shed abroad
Those precious GIFTS of MENTAL light, which
teach mankind to think aright."

Article VIII.
(Mixed Jury.)

Since all men are created equal, and endowed by
their Creator with inalienable rights, and since equal-
ity before the Law is intended by the Law, then give
us a MIXED JURY of white and colored fellow-citi-
zens, especially when one of the contestants is white
and the other colored, and whenever human life is
at peril. We do not ask for favors. Our plea is for
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