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as did the Athenian Deputies sent to Delphi to consult the oracle
with regard to the action they were to take in the invasion of Greece
by Xerxes, the King of Persia. God grant that the answer to this pe-
tition-may not be, as the response of the Priestess to the Athenian
suppliants "O wretched men, why sit ye here? But go from the Sanctuary
and infuse your minds with courage to meet misfortune".

Now, Mr. President, I have said all that I can say, I have done
all that I could in this matter; and no man can do more, therefore, I
again ask you as President of this growing and expanding country, and
one who comes from a great State with a great tradition, to exercise
your power in our behalf and put an eternal stoppage to the injustices
which are being perpetrated upon us here and elsewhere, and more es-
pecially to the Negroes who are employed in the Government, and grant
us our freedom, not forgetting that we are all members belonging to
God's redeemed family, the heirs of immortality in that hereafter where
all nationalities and all complexional differences will be swallowed
up in the glorious light of the Father of us all, and believe me, very
dear sir,

Your Obedient Servant,


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