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Washington, D.C., Oct., 6th, 1913.
Box 3221-Sta "F".

Secretary Tumulty,
White House,
My Dear Sir:

Under separate cover, I addressed and mailed a letter
in your care to the President, and I am writing you this letter
with all the sincerity that is within me, as it is not a frivolous
or unimportant one as some people would write, to call the attention
of the resident to the letter I wrote him.

I am not unmindful of the methods of receiving and writing let-
ters from the president, but I am appealing to your gracious and cor-
dial manner to waive the rules, so that the President in whom I have
the utmost confidence will read it, and no doubt give it the especial
consideration it deserves.

I am a great admirer of the president, and while it is ture that
we are not of the same political faith, I am frank to say, that no
member of his party thinks more highly of his ability than I.

I am advised, that is it the policy of the administration to
avoid anything touching on the Negro question, in consequence of
which my letter will receive the old suggestion, "the President has
received your letter, and has directed me to say that it will be
consider". This I deny, and for that reason I write you this

Again, I should be glad, if an opportunity presents itself, and
if you will be kind enough to let me meet the president and shake his
hand. You will also understand, that this letter comes from a man
of color as he does not care to be misunderstood in his dealing with
you, and believe me,dear sir,

Respectfully yours,


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