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wish to point out that in accelerating the growth of race
feeling, we are starting out on a long road, which is cer-
tain to lead toward some disastrous consequences.

Now for the issue nearer home. It cost this
country four years of terrible conflict to root out the
idea that the black man, because of his racial inferiority,
was to be a bondman. Back of that struggle lay a conviction
of brotherhood on the part of the opponents of slavery,
which mean just one thing, equality of opportunity under
the law for all men, whatever their race or color. I wish
most earnestly to assure you that in spite of all that seems
to point to the contrary, that conviction is not dead, but
only sleeping. There are some of us who hold that convic-
tion, who have been willing to let events take their course,
trusting to the growing intelligence and wealth and power
of the colored race in this country to gain for them the
recognition to which they are entitled in spite of the limita-
tions put upon them by some of the states of the union. But
it is another matter when the national government joins in
the policy of discrimination. Let the facts once become
generally known and realizes, and such a whirlwind of agita-
tion and sentiment will be released as there was in the days
of anti-slavery propaganda. The great religious bodies will
not be content that our race, from having been the greatest
missionary race of history, shall sink to the level of racial
arrogance which will undo all the missionary work which in
the past we have done. I venture a prediction that our own
Congregational body in its National Council at Kansas City
this month, will lead off in an attitude of protest, and in
time it will be followed by every religious body in the land.
Nothing else can be the result. Missionary activity upon
the basis of the assumption of race superiority is impossible.

Politically the policy inaugurated is fatuous. Your
party has begun a magnificent program of economic reform.Not
one atom of support in the continuance and enlargement of
that program can be gained by precipitating the race issue.
Not one vote can be gained for the Democratic party, which
you do not now have. On the other hand, millions of voters

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