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Resolutions adopted at Robert Gould Shaw House
February 15th, 1914

Whereas, The people of Massachusetts, always solicitous for fair
treatment of our colored citizens, have already, through the Governor
of this Commonwealth, and through numerous organizations, made earnest
protest against the Segregation of colored employees in certain Feder-
al Departments at Washington: and

Whereas, We steadfastly share the hope of our Governor, - "That
President Wilson will speedily put an end to conditions, which as re-
ported, are unworthy of any free people"; although there is reason to
fear that, thus far, despite all protests, these evils continue in
force. Therefore be it

Resolved, That we citizens of Boston of many different Churches,
professions and business callings, met together for the purpose at the
Robert Gould Shaw House, do hereby request our Congressional Represen-
tative at Washington to convey to the President our earnest appeal that
he will secure the removal of the injustice of colored segregation from
the Federal Departments at Washington.

Federick B. Allen
President at the Robert Gould Shaw
House - Boston


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