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state of Albania, would it not be prudent to further study the
question, whether she can support such a handicap and live?

Second, The Political Consideration.

The first essential of a stable government is
that it shall have the support and cooperation of the people.
No government in Albania can have that under an Italian manda-
te. That has already been demonstrated. The present govern-
ment enjoys the confidence and support of the Albanian people
only because it has declared itself for an absolutely indepen-
dent Albania and taken over the reins of power in the face
of an Italian army with machine gune set to oppose its entrance
into Tirana. If that government is overthrown (and there are
rumors of intrigues going on at present to that end) it will
only arouse a deeper resentment and bitterness in the nation
toward those who arbitrarily assume to control and direct
its destinies. The Albanian nation, leaders ane people alike,
have no confidence in the declaration of Italy's premier that:

"She is ready to aid Albania in its national resurrection,
"and if others demand sacrifices of her she will not, nor
"will she seek to profit from her; desiring only her indepen-
"dence and the development of the Albanian race". On the
contrary, the surrender she is willing to make of the dowry
of her proposed ward, (Scutari to Yugo-Slavia, Argyrocastro
to Greece, while she preempts Valona and hinterland for her-
self, - have convinced the Albanian nation that she prefers
to have such an Albania as can live only as she is in Italian

Complicated, difficult and well-nigh hopeless as the
situation appears, we still believe that the door is not closed
to a solution more equitable and more promising for peace


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