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and in whose Christian principles we have faith,
asking that he will use his interest in behalf of
the millions of defenseless colored people who are at
the mercy of just that class of people who unlawfully
took from the officers Will Stanley who was burned and
shot to death in the public square.

In appointing commissioners to investigate
the acts and upon finding have brought to justice all
persons who in any way contributed to this shameful and
unlawful deed which has placed our entire country into
shame and disgrace, for we are convinced if these
atrocities are not immediately discouraged and suppress-
ed they will not only increase making life more hideous
but it will produce such an unwholesome sentiment and
feeling between the races that it will be utterly im-
possible to mend the strained relation. We are unwilling
for this state of affairs to be therefore we respectfully
appeal to you in the name of Justice, Fair Play and
Square Deal to grant our appeal in the interest of all
the Negroes of this Country.

Respectfully submitted
The Baptist Union of
Greater New York.

H. Arthur Booker
Cor. Sec.

M. B. Hucless.

159 W. 182nd St/
New York,


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