Microfilm Reel 286, File 543, "Lynching"

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NORTH CAROLINA IV. D. WEATHERFORD, Field Executive Secretary Robert E. Lee Hall of the Blue Ridge


OHIO JUnsoN HARMON, Former Attorney-General of the United States

HENRY CHURCHILL KING, President Oberlin College

CHARLES F. THWING, President Western Reserve University

PENNSTIVANIH SAMUEL S. FEIS, Fels & Company, Manufacturers GEORGE WHARTON PEPPER, Lawyer and Author ANNA HOWARD SHAW, Honorary President, Na-

tional American Woman Suffrage Association

RHODE ISLAND L. F. C. GARVIN, MD., Former Governor JAMES R. MACCOLL, Treasurer Lorraine Manufacturing Company, Pawtucket

TENNESSEE Rr. REV. THOMAS F. GARLOR, Bishop Protestant Episcopal Church JAMES H. KIRKLAND, Chancellor Vanderbilt University

FATETTEA MCKENHE, President Fisk University

BOLTON SMITH, President of Memphis Rotary Clab

VIRGINIL JAMES H. DILLARD, President Jeanes Foundation, President John F. Slater Fund WILLIAM H. HUNLEY, Secretary Southern Uni-

versity Race Commission


American Bar Association

WISCONSIN JonN BRADLEY WIRSLOw, Chief Justice State Supreme Court

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The signers of this call, desiring a wide and representative gathering of Americans at this Conference, will welcome the attendance of any individuals whom the recipients of the call may wish to invite and urse officers of institutions, assoclations and organirations of every character, to appoint a delegate, or delegates, to attend.



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NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LYNCHING Committee on Arrangements ROOM 621 70 Fifth Avenue, New York

I [do, do not] intend to be present at the National Conference on Lynching to be held in the City of New York on Monday and Tuesday, May 5th and 6th, 1919.





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VOL. 2


No. 370

President Denounces Mob Violence in Appeal to His Fellow Countrymen



Actual Number of Officers and Men in a Disision is 27,864 States That Germans Are Supplying

Most of Cannon Fodder.

Dally Dress Interview by Secretary

Baker, July 25, 1918: The latest dispatches show continued advances in several places by French,

British, and American Troops. They are

not extensive in area but are important,

and show that the battle is continuing

with great vizor.

Answering a question: "The actual

number of officers and men in a division

is 27.864. In order to maintain the necessary service of supply for such a division additional men are required, bringing the

number up to 42,000, but these additional

men are no part of that division. A corps

is made up of divisions with some additional troops called corps troops; but the

difference between, roughly, 28,000 and 42.000, or 14000, represents the people

who are employed on the railroads, at the

arehouses, on the docks unloading the ships and distributing supplies, doing

salvage work, and all that sort of thing. Two thousand of these may be consid

ered as the divisions proportion of Army

and corps troops, and 12000 as noncom batant, or service or supply men.

Cannon Fodder Answering a question with reference to a statement by the Wolff Agency refer-

ring to American troops as "cannon fod der," the Secretary of War said:

The best information we have seems

to indicate that they are themselves sup

plying most of that material at the pres ent time.

"We have no reports on our own cas

nalties as yet, but our own people have

a much better opportunity to Know our losses than the Germans have, because we

are taking ground, and they have been

siving ground, and in that situation we have a superior opportunity for ob


There is one New Fork regiment in

the 42d Division-the 6oth New Forkr


LINCHERS EMULATINC CERMANY Declares That Every American Who Takes Part in Action Of Mob Is a Betrayer of Democracy-Are at This

Very Moment Fighting Lawless Passion" Across the

Sea—Can Never Accept Any Man as Champion of Liberty Who Does Not Reverence Our Own Laws. The President to day issued the following statement:



I take the liberty of addressing you upon a subject which so vitally

affects the honor of the Nation and the very character and integrity

of our institutions that I trust you will think me justified in speak-

ing very plainly about it.

I allude to the mob spirit which has recently here and there very

frequently shown its head amongst us, not in any single region, but

in many and widely separated parts of the country. There have been many lynchings, and every one of them has been a blow at the

heart of ordered law and humane justice. No man who loves America, no man who really cares for her fame and honor and char-

acter, or who is truly loyal to her institutions, can justify mob action while the courts of justice are open and the governments of the States and the Nation are ready and able to do their duty. We are

at this very moment fighting lawless passion. Germany has out-

lawed herself among the nations because she has disregarded the

sacred obligations of law and has made lynchers of her armies.

Lynchers emulate her disgraceful example. I, for my part, am anxious to see every community in America rise above that level

with pride and a fixed resolution which no man or set of men can

afford to despise.


We proudly claim to be the champions of democracy. If we really

are, in deed and in truth, let us see to it that we do not discredit our

own. I say plainly that every American who takes part in the action

of a mob or gives it any sort of countenance is no true son of this great Democracy, but its betrayer, and does more to discredit her by

that single disloyalty to her standards of law and of right than the

words of her statesmen or the sacrifices of her heroic boys in the trenches can do to make suffering peoples believe her to be their

savior. How shall we commend democracy to the acceptance of other peoples, if we disgrace our own by proving that it is, after all, no

protection to the weakl Every mob contributes to German lies about

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5500,000 Saved In Fuel at


31 Army Cantonments

The War Department authorises the

By the Use of Soft Coal

In order to obtain an idea of the life of

The War Department authorises


the Various clothing and equipage articles used by the Army, the opinion of camp quartermasters and organization supply officers was asked for by the Acting

Quartermaster General. The opinions

are based on the experience of these offi-

cers in issuing the various articles to the

men in the camps and cantonments in all

On the basts of replies from about 550

sections of the country.

officers, a table was prepared which is

composite and indicates the miniman life as shown by the average of the opin-

ions received. The table shows the life of cotton breeches to be 4.89 months, wool

breeches 685 months, cotton coats 10.78

months, wool coats 13.66 months, over-

coats 33.66 months, blankets 41.77 months

slickerg 1623 months. service hats 7.63

mouths, Jannel shirts 3.10 per year, sum-

mer undershirts 3.68 per year, winter un dershirts 280 per year, summer drawers

4.36 pairs per year, winter drawers 868

pairs per year, light wool stockings 8.48 pairs per year, heavy wool stockings 685 pairs per year, feld shoes 2.42 pairs per year, and canvas leggings 356 pairs per

the following:

At 31 posts, camps, cantonments,

and stations in the territory south of Washingion and west of Pittsburgh ADproximately 200,000 tons of an

thracite coal was called for to cover requirements for the fiseal year 191D.

As a result of investigations made

by the fuel and forage division of the

Quartermaster Corps bituminous

coal and coke have been substieuted for anthracite and a saving has been effected of approximately 8300,000 in cost of coal and approximatel 8200.000 in cost of transportation, of

a total saving of Approximately


In addition to the saving in cost

as indicated, there will be a saving in transportation amounting to ap roximately 33,000,000 ton-miles which will make avallan

Durposes this amount




A country worth lghting for 1

Luxuries as usual means a victorions Germany. Save and buy warsavings

country worth saving for. Buy THEIFT STAMTS.


PRESIDENT DENOUNCES MOBS (continued from pase 11)

the United States what her most gifted liars can not improve upon by the way of calumny. They can at least say that such things can not happen in Germany except in times of revolation, when law is swept away 1

therefore very earnestly and solemnly beg that the governors

of all the States, the law officers of every community, and, above all, the men and women of every community in the United States, all

who revere America and wish to keep her name without stain or reproach. will cooperate-not passively merely, but actively and watchfully—to make an end of this disgraceful evll.. It can not live where the community does not countenance it.


I have called upon the Nation to put its great energy into this war and it has responded responded with a spirit and a genins for action

that has thrilled the world. I now call upon it, upon its men and

women everywhere, to see to it that its laws are kept inviolate, its

same untarnished. Let us show our utter contempt for the things that have made this war hideons among the wars of history by show. ing how those who love liberty and right and justice and are willing

to lay down their lives for them upon foreign fields stand ready also

to illustrate to all mankind their loyalty to the things at home which

they wish to see established every where as a blessing and vrotection

to the peoples who have never known the privilages of hberty and

self-government. I can never accept any man as a champion of

liberty either for ourselves or for the world who does not reverence


Of Al KIIPS OF PAPER PLANNED War Industries Board Pulp and

Paper Section to Appeal to

Publie to Stop Waste.

The War. Industries Board authorises the following:

T. E. Donnelley, chief of the puip and

paper section, War Industries Board, yes

terday announced that his section would shortly undertake a general publicity campaign for economy in the use of all Kinds of paper, the purpose being to edu¬ cate the consuming public to the impor-

tance of conservation as a war measure

This new work of the puip and paper section has been placed in charge of Dr.

E. O. Merchant, a member of the section who is also in charge of the paper in

restigations of the Federal Trade Com


Paper has been so cheap and so plentl

ful in the past that people ltile realized

His vaine. But war conditions demand a

Prompt and radical chanse in the habits puip and paper section leot contitent that when the consuming public is shown the

reasons and the necessity for such change they will promptly and patriotically re spond to the appeal for conservation, as they have done to the various other ap

peals that have been made by the Govern ment

Will Appeal to Public,

It is the intention of the puip and paper section, with the cooperation of the public ress, to show the consuming public how

the demands of the Government for various Kinds of paper and for varions chemi cals and other materials nsed in pape making are increasing rapidly and how very pound of paper wasted represents

not only the waste of valuable mate rinls, such as coal, puip, chemicals, erc. but also the waste of productive labor, working capital, and transportation space

in all of which there is an increasing scarcity. Printers and publishers, stores, business offices, hotels, dubs, and private

homes will be asked to cooperate with the Government to the end that all wasteful and uneconomical uses of paper may be etiminated and that all waste papers

THHES, etc, may be saved, collected, and returned to the mills for use again in

Daper making.

Age Limit for Clollians is Raised to 45 Vears

The War Department authorises the publication of the following:

The age limit for civilian applicants to the Central Officers' Training Schoels has been raised from 40 to 45

years upon date of entrance. Special Orders, No. 103: 184. Maj. Stuart McLeod, National

and obey the laws of our own beloved land, whose laws we ourselves

Guard in the service of the United States will proceed with the least practicable delay to Fort Sill, Okla., and report to the

country, whom he affects to despise.

commandant, School of Fire, for Field ArHilery duty.

have made. He has adopted the standards of the enemies of his Woobsow WiLSON.

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