Microfilm Reel 288, File 612, "Haiti"

All the microfilm scans from the file number 612, "Haiti," on reel 288 from the Executive Office files of the Woodrow Wilson Papers, series 4 in the Library of Congress finding aid.


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Port au Prince.


Company and Menos, Haitian Minister, who would receive full power to that end in lieu of a commission of three members. Three, Bank. The Haitian Government has no desire to issue paper money but it was compulsory, a case of force majeure. The bill would be adopted bur would contain a clause specifying that in case of agreement with the bank the issue would not be made. This was confirmed by Minister for Foreign Affairs during my visit this afternoon to return his call. Proposition of agreement had been made by the government to the bank. Should they fail the Haitian Government would be willing through the good offices of the Department to have the question settled in Washington by the bank and Minister Menos specially accredited above. Protection to all foreign interests Four accepted. Lease of Mole St Nicholas to For. Govts. Five accepted. Six accepted. (Settlement by arbitration of all claims of Americans against Haiti)

The above was confirmed in a lengthy note verbale received late this afternoon.

In view of your wireless of December twelve, five P. M. intercepted and communicated this afternoon by the HANDCOCK the Department

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Port au Prince. 612


seeming disposed not to press Customs convention I respectfully submit the above to its favorable consideration and request instruction as to recognition under changed conditions.




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December 18, 1914.

AmLegation, Port au Prince.

Your December twelve, eleven p. m., and your December fifteen, eleven p. m. Counter proposition seems based upon a misunderstanding of this Government's position. While we desire to encourage in every proper way American interests investments in Haiti, we believe that this can be better done by contributing to stability and order than by favoring special concessions to Americans. American capital will gladly avail itself of business opportunities in Haiti when assured of the peace and quiet necessary for profitable production. Capital will not flow into Haiti except upon exorbitant terms and for speculative profits unless there is an assurance of peace and orderly government. If United States can, as a neighbor and friend, assist the Government and people of Haiti as it has assisted the Government and people of Santo Domingo, it will gladly do so if provided that assistance is desired; but, as stated in our telegram December twelve, five p. m., this Government does not care to assume these responsibilities except on request of the Haitian Government. The Government of the United States does not deem it proper to enter into such arrangements as those outlined in the proposition just submitted. This The counter proposition does not give any assurance that the Government of


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of Haiti is stable or any promise of a reign of peace and prosperity. When American invectors seek to secure concessions we should be informed of the name and address of such Americans and of the terms or advantages asked, so that we canmay acquaint ourselves with the whole subject. Our obligation to the American epeople requires that we shall give all legitimate assistance to American investors in Haiti, but we are under obligations just as binding to protect Haiti, as far as our influence goos, from injustice or exploitation at the hands of Americans. Therefore, in order to perform our duty completely we must be fully informed as to the facts in each case.

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