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March 18, 1915

Your Majesty:

May I take the liberty of calling your Majesty's
attention to a matter in which the Goverment and many dis-
interested citizens of the United States of Americs would
be very happy, and even thankful, to be of service in as-
sisting to moderate the sufferings and difficulties incident
to the present war?

It is the desire of the Goverment of the United
States and of the American Red Cross Society to be of service
whenever and wherever it is possible to render a service
which can have no color of partisanship or of officious sug-
gestion. The field that seems most open for this purpose is
the care and support of prisoners. I take it for granted that,
no matter how great the generosity of your Majesty's Govern-
ment may be in caring for the prisoners in Siberia, many severe
hardships will necessarily attend life in the concentration
camps there. I venture, therefore, to inquire whether your
Majesty would be willing to vouchsafe to representatives of
the American Red Cross Society, or to any other impartial agency
this Government might be able to supply or vouch for, the right
to distribute


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